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“As I walked through Mercy Center doors, I was broke and scared. I was not sure how to be the mother my children deserved. With MCW’s support, guidance and direction. I can now be the woman and mother my children need me to be!”
— A grateful client

Capital Gifts

Capital gifts are gifts specifically restricted (by the donor) for capital needs that include endowment funds as well as funds for construction or renovations of permanent facilities.

Mercy Center for Women Endowment Fund

Endowment funds ensure the future of Mercy Center for Women. Gifts specified for endowment purposes are secured in the Mercy Center Endowment Fund and can be designated to support the women and children, staff salaries, or general purposes, as well as new program development.

Memorial Gift/ Bequest/ In Honor of

A gift in memory of someone you love or admire can be a particularly meaningful way to contribute to Mercy Center for Women.

Journey to Recovery Fund – Angel of Mercy Program

Sponsor a Family

Support a resident and her child/children to cover the costs for our residents in the Mercy Center for Women Recovery Program. Our women are responsible to pay $100.00 in monthly rent and provide $100.00 in food stamps. Our program depends on grants and philanthropic gifts to make up the difference. Sponsor a Mercy Center family and help pave the road to recovery for our women and children.

  • Your monthly gift of $1,250.00 can support a resident and her child/children.


Help provide for one resident to live at the Mercy Center for Women. This includes rent, utilities and personal hygiene products. There are a number of ways you can provide support to our women and children.

  • $250.00 per month: Mother and family
  • $150.00 per month: Resident only
  • $50.00 per month: Resident and family utilities

Programs for Women 

A monthly gift of $50.00–$100.00 will provide the following programs for our residents: self-esteem, finance/budgeting, job readiness, and mindfulness programs.

Children's Activities

Help build upon the programs for the “Children of Mercy” to include arts/crafts, Bricks 4 Kidz, and Physical Education. Our children would love to visit the Inner City Neighborhood Art House, an Erie Bayhawks game or other sporting event, Asbury Woods, or the ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum.


Sponsor a bus ride. Often the women and children travel by cab and bus to reach their destination. Many of the women work and the expense of travel adds up.

  • $52.00: 31-day pass
  • $28.00: 20-day pass
  • $7.50: 5-day pass

Miscellaneous Gifts

E.g., general donations, ticket purchases, wreath sale.