Annual Fund 2023-24

With the addition of the Mercy Anchor Community Center on the Mercy Center campus, we doubled our capacity to house and provide services to men, women and children who experienced homelessness--all on one campus in one of the most impoverished areas of Erie. Thanks to the support of a village, MACC was repurposed without any debt.

MACC can house 32 men, women and children for up to two years at a subsidized rate and permanently at market rate. Mercy Center’s transitional housing program continues to house as many as 32 women and children for up to one year.

The need for safe, affordable housing in Erie has never been greater. The Mercy Center has established partnerships with many local organizations and explores others that will strengthen both their mission and ours. Together, we can tackle homelessness and other challenges in our community if done so with concern for our neighbors.

Donate to the Annual Fund

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Since 1994 the Mercy Center for Women has been here, 24/7, to answer a door knock or phone call about a woman who has no place to live. She's often fleeing domestic violence, a way of life that included unhealthy choices, a dysfunctional upbringing, a mental health diagnosis or a combination of these reasons. Whatever caused their homelessness, the Mercy Center has always been here with clean beds, a safe home and a helping hand forward to peace and security, for them and their children.

Now more than ever our needs, the needs of homeless women and children in our community, have grown. That coupled with increased costs of food, utilities and maintenance and our reliance on our annual appeal is the greatest it's ever been.

Any donation you can provide to the Mercy Center's annual fund appeal will go a long way toward helping more women and children leave homelessness behind. We thank you in advance for considering to support our mission.

Why wait until tomorrow to help make a difference in someone’s life today!