Blessing Packages

Dear friends:

As the humidity in our community surges, the need to embrace our homeless population heightens. The July 4th holiday provided an opportunity for individuals to celebrate with family and friends. Enjoying a Smith’s hot dog or a hamburger with fireworks to top off a holiday reminds us that America is free.

At the Mercy Center for Women the July 4th holiday weekend brought countless phone calls, emails, and knocks on the door from individuals seeking refuge. Our team received over 20 inquiries looking for shelter, food, and rest.

The Mercy Center faces a full house, and this includes the Mercy Anchor Community Center. Shelters are full and people are seeking comfort in the streets.

On Monday, a single mother from Washington stumbled upon our door. She and her children are living in her car. I asked her to share basic needs with me. She responded to food and hygiene products. Simple food to eat in her car. We walked towards our food pantry and found food and drink for her family. She asked for pillows and a blanket to make her vehicle comfortable enough for her children to sleep.

A 72-year-old female emailed the Mercy Center for shelter. She is sleeping on the streets and shelters are full. She is on foot and looking for a place to rest her head. These stories are real, and the increased numbers of homelessness continue to face Erie County.

The Mercy Center for Women is putting together “Blessing packages” for our homeless community. Our invitation to you is partnership. You can go to our “Donate Now” button on our website to make a gift. This donation will be restricted to anyone knocking on the door of the Mercy Center, Mercy Anchor Community Center, or our travels downtown. The other option is to drop-off to MCW items to fuel their energy and hygiene products. Examples are water, hydration packs, peanut butter crackers, granola bars, oranges, fruit snacks, band-aids, suntan lotion, and basic hygiene needs. Fresh pillows, Kleenex, and hats are appreciated.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for reflecting on this letter. MCW is a believer in serving our community. We must be conscientious of not depleting our resources to serve those housed at MCW and MACC.

Your gift will feed a mouth, warm a body, clean a face, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Smile, Pray, Be Kind,