Women Making History

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Do you know an amazing woman? 

Someone you look up to, and think, "If only I could do what she does!" Please consider nominating her for 2020's Women Making History.

What is a Woman Making History?

  • She is someone who is dedicated to helping others, maybe as a volunteer, a Sunday School teacher, choir leader, etc. We are looking especially for the unsung heroines in our community!
  • She is a woman of integrity and strong moral values.
  • She is committed to women’s issues.
  • She has the courage of her convictions (to act in accordance with one’s beliefs, especially in spite of criticism).
  • She is committed to personal growth and development.

Nearly every woman who is chosen as a Woman Making History says, “But I haven’t done anything special!” So think of the amazing women you know, and nominate her. 

You can download the nomination form below or click the button to nominate online.

Nominate an Amazing Woman

Women Making History Recipients